Subliminal Confidance Boosters

Boost your confidance with this cool subliminal optimism meditation.

This subliminal confidance booster contains phrases like:

Love and respect yourself – I love you :) – Attitude of gratitude “be thankful” – Motivation – I love you, you are great :) – Live in the Now – Confidence -Keep calm and have courage – I accepts myself, so that i may accept others – Feel great – Be yourself – Faith – Be positive – Patience Compassion Simplicity – Live in the eternal Now – Everything is connected – Love Peace Joy. And many many more positive confidance boosters.

Save this video and watch it everyday three times at least untill you can boost your confidance right now and start gaining more confidance every day. You see the only thing this sibliminal video does is plant the messages in your mind, you can call it programming your mind to build more self confidance be more bold and positive in life.

This is very POWERFUL if you use it right ;) watch it for a period that you like veryday (preferably a couple of times) and you wil have more self confidance than you ever had in a very short time.

In this day and age a lot of things are very negative and people are very mean and cold. You have to program yourself (your mind) everyday with positive messages, quotes videos, music notes alarm messages so you gain confidance. Whatever it takes untill you wake up with it ;)

By Youtube user jamz d

My unconditional love to you.