Powerful Self Esteem Programming

If you are looking to boost your confidence, check this powerful self esteem booster. Watch this video daily to boost your self esteem and get more confidance. This powerfull mind movie has beautiful images of the sea and nature with relaxing music and subliminal commands like:

  • You accept yourself for who you truly are, and give yourself permission to grow beyond this;
  • You acknowledge all you have accomplished and are proud of your achievements;
  • You add value to other people lives;
  • You are a beautiful person;
  • You are a good person just as You are;
  • You are a magnificent, radiant being;
  • You are a star in the making;
  • You are a talented human being and your skills are greatly appreciated;
  • You are a truly remarkable human being;
  • You are a unique and special individual, unlike any other on earth;
  • You are a unique individual and proud to be so;
  • You are a valuable human being;

..and many many more self esteem commands that will help you to overcome shyness boost your confidence and get a higher self esteem.



Watch this video as many times as you can, the best times are when you wake up and before you go to bed. You will boost you confidence and get a higher self esteem.

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With love